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High demand for home and gardening supplies is expected to continue in Spring 2022 as Canadians look to get outside and spend money in their own backyards. 

To continue providing you with the best barrels on the market we can no longer offer pallet quantity discounts. You will however still receive our regular pricing on barrels and planters. The marginal difference represents the first change to the offer we have made in 2 years, during which time there has been a dramatic increase in our costs of goods and labour. 

We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to place an order now so your barrels are in store, ready for customers to purchase as soon as the snow clears in March.

Full Pallet of Canadian Whisky Barrels

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Full Pallet of Canadian Whisky Barrel Planters

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Mixed Pallet of Barrels and Planters

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Order Information

To place orders click the link below or email barrels@thecountycooperage.ca

Please provide PO, store # and approximate date for delivery

All full pallet dimensions are 50"x50"x74" (800lbs)