10g Wheat Whiskey Barrel

10g Wheat Whiskey Barrel

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American Oak wheat whiskey barrels from Virginia. With a 100% wheat mash bill, Reservoir Distilleries Wheat Whiskey is the softest of their three expressions and unique to any other American style whiskey on the market. The wheat produces a buttery, savory, and smooth spirit that proves to be an excellent introductory whiskey. These are prime barrels for aging beer, wine, cider and other spirits or beverages.


NOSE: Port, hint of oak, honey, and caramel notes

PALATE: Velvet texture, sweet but not cloying (given the lack of corn), perfumed notes of rose petals

FINISH: Orange peels, herbaceous, and honeyed with a long lasting mouth feel

Dimensions - 13” (Head Diameter) x 15” (Bilge Diameter) x 21” (Height)

Empty Weight- 45 lbs