3L Oak Aging Barrel Gift Set

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Barrel Maintenance Guide

Get the ultimate gift for any underground bartender or cocktail enthusiast! These cocktail gifts are perfect for those who love barrel aging and mixology.

Create your own signature spirits with our personal-sized American White Oak barrels. These charred barrels subtly infuse your spirits with vanilla and smoky notes for a balanced, rich, and complex profile. They are robust and practical for personal use. Each barrel includes a wooden spigot for easy dispensing and a wooden stand for storage. Curing before use is essential for optimal performance and longevity in your spirit aging journey.

Gift Set includes:

  1. 3L Oak Aging Barrel
  2. Cocktail Smoking Kit
  3. Metal Torch
  4. Bourbon Liquor Quik Essence
  5. Aluminum Alloy Metal Dice Cocktail Chilling Set
  6. Proof and Tralle Hydrometer
  7. Maintenance Kit (wax, tablets, funnel)
  • Each barrel needs to be cured before use.
Volume: 3 L
Weight: 6 lb
Dimensions: 5.5” (Bilge Diameter) x 4.5” (Height)
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