53 Gallon - Canadian Whisky Barrel - Furniture Grade

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Available at select Home Hardware and Canadian Tire stores across Canada 

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Elevate your space or event with our furniture-grade Canadian whisky barrels, once home to renowned whisky brands. These barrels, known for fine craftsmanship and premium quality, are perfect for rustic home décor, wedding props, or DIY projects. With a dark charred interior and rustic exterior, they add a vintage, timeless charm to any space or occasion.

  • Furniture-Grade Quality: Crafted to be more than just a storage solution, these barrels serve as a statement piece in any setting, promising durability and elegance.
  • Canadian Whisky Heritage: Infused with the rich history of Canadian whisky production, having housed some of your favorite whisky brands, adding a touch of authenticity and story to your décor or project.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for home décor, wedding props, and DIY projects, these barrels offer a versatile solution to enhance any space creatively.
  • Rustic and Vintage Appeal: The barrels feature a dark charred interior and a rustic exterior, giving them a vintage look that is both charming and stylish.

Colour and condition vary

Volume: 53 gal
Age Of Barrel: 20 Years
Origin: Canada
Weight: 120 lb
Dimensions: 25" (Bilge Diameter) x 35” (Height)
Bung: Bilge and Head
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