Maintenance Tablets

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Treat your oak barrel right and enjoy a longer life with Maintenance Tablets! These cleaning and storage tablets are the ideal solution to sanitize your barrel and prevent microbial growth between batches. Keep your barrel lasting longer with Maintenance Tablets!

Use as a cleaning agent after every 2-3 batches. Or use as an antimicrobial solution when storing your oak barrel for future use.

For each use, you’ll need:

1 tablet for 1, 2 and 3 L barrels

2 tablets for 5 L

3 tablets for 10 L

5 tablets for 20 L

Simply dissolve the tablet(s) in a glass of water and pour the mix into your oak barrel. Top up with more water (fill your barrel all the way to the top). Seal it by inserting the bung and store your filled barrel in a cool place. Or if you’re ready to make your next batch, empty it out and rinse a few times, and your freshly cleaned barrel is ready to go.

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