53 Gallon, 8 year Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel - Fresh Empty, Once Used

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Introducing our exceptional Heaven Hill bourbon barrels – aged for 8 years in American oak, renowned for unmatched quality and consistency in the bourbon world. Heaven Hill, a respected name in bourbon making, offers these carefully aged barrels to enhance your aging process, infusing your creations with craftsmanship and heritage.

These barrels, with their matured oak character, bring a refined and complex flavor profile to your product, giving it a robust, rich, and intricate taste. Take a journey where your spirits quietly absorb the essence of quality bourbon, emerging as a product that embodies a legacy of excellence, mastery, and the unique essence of Heaven Hill.

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Volume: 53 gal
Age Of Barrel: 8 Years
Origin: Heaven Hill
Weight: 120 lb
Dimensions: 25” (Bilge Diameter) x 35” (Height)
Bung: Bilge
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