How to House-Proof Your Barrel Planter



1. Project Outline

diy whisky barrel planter plywood base steps

Thank you for purchasing our whisky barrel planter! 

We believe our reclaimed whisky barrel planters are the perfect pot for both indoors and outdoors. However, to bring your barrel planter indoors, we want to make sure your floor is protected and your reclaimed barrel planter doesn’t leave any marks on your floors. 

To make sure your floor is protected, we’re going to walk you through a really quick and easy way to make a plywood base for your Barrel planter. 

2. Tools and Materials Required

To make the base for your DIY barrel planter base you’ll need a few things. We recommend: 

  1. Pencil 
  2. Jigsaw 
  3. 1 Sheet of Plywood. We used a 4x4 sheet in this example. 
  4. Sandpaper (optional)

3. Trace The Outline

For our bases, we prefer having the base oversized for aesthetics (it also will give you wiggle room when cutting), but it will also make things easier. 

First, lay out your plywood, and barrel planter next to each other.

whisky barrel planter diy base plywood

We’re going to trace the bilge (widest part of the barrel) to be a guide on the size of our base. So flip your barrel planter on top of the plywood.

whisky barrel planter flipped plywood diy base

trace outline whisky barrel planter diy base


Next, start tracing your outline all around the bilge of the barrel onto the plywood.

4. Cut The Base

whisky barrel planter diy plywood base step 4

Now that we’ve got the base traced onto our plywood. Keep your barrel planter flipped upside down and put the plywood on top. We’re going to use the barrel planter as a table while we cut out our base. Center your outline over the barrel planter to avoid accidentally cutting the barrel planter. 


Now you can take your jigsaw, and slowly and carefully begin cutting out your base. Following slowly around the outline we traced.


cutting whisky barrel planter with jigsaw

5. Watch it Grow! 

Now you’re all set and should have a nice circular plywood base for your barrel planter! At this point, feel free to sand around the cut edges if it’s rough. Otherwise it’s time to bring it inside and fill it with soil!

diy plywood base indoor whisky barrel planter

diy plywood reclaimed whisky barrel planter