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Apothecary Smoker Set

Smoker Set

The Apothecary Smoker Set is the perfect setting for any home bartender wishing to infuse a smokey scent into any spirit or cocktail. This set exemplifies both form and function. Create a beautiful smokey surge effect with four different varieties of Infused Wood Chips that offer distinct, delightful bursts of aromatic flavor.


Nestled in the picturesque Prince Edward County, our cooperage is more than just a business - it's a family passion that's been thriving since 2015. This isn't your ordinary cooperage; it's a special place where the age-old art of barrel-making is combined with careful craftsmanship. At our cooperage, we do more than just make barrels. Each day, we pour our independent spirit and rich tradition into every barrel we craft, showcasing our commitment to excellence and dedication to the craft.

Joe Thomson, Founder of The County Cooperage