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Although we won't be sad to see the year 2020 go, it's still hard to believe December is already here. If you're like me and haven't done your shopping yet, we are doing our final sale of the year with 50% off select barrel stave products: Candle Holders, Coat Racks and Bundles of Staves. 

As teased in the November Newsletter we have a BIG announcement. The County Cooperage is now a proud supplier to Canadian Tire. Our Canadian Whisky Barrels and Whisky Barrel Planters will be available across the country at select Canadian Tire stores in addition to our Home Hardware locations. It is truly amazing to see products from our small family business accessible to Canadians from coast to coast. Thank you all for the continued support.

From our family to yours, we wish you happiness, health and positive vibes that 2021 will be better than ever! 

The County Cooperage Holiday Oak Barrel Stave Sale



Head Stamp History

corbyville barrel head at the county cooperage

Head Stamp History! We see thousands of barrels pass through our warehouse every year and some give glimpses into the history of past and present Canadian distilleries. These are their stories.

The enterprise that would become Corby Distilleries was started in the mid-1800s by entrepreneur, politician, and English immigrant Henry Corby. Corby started by investing what little money he had in merchandise for a tiny food shop and within a few years had established himself as the leading baker in the little town of Belleville.

After serving in the military during the 1837 Rebellion and the tragic loss of his first wife and kids, he sold his bakery and purchased a steam liner to transport grain down the St. Lawrence. This led him to purchase a grist mill in 1857 at what is now called Corbyville and soon the milling operation became secondary to the distilling of whisky. 

corbyville historical picture

When Henry Corby entered politics as Mayor of Belleville in  1867, his son, Henry Corby Jr. (also known as H. Corby) took over and grew the business to international fame by bottling the whisky rather than selling it in barrels. In 1905 H. Corby sold the business but the brand continued under their namesake which purchased JP Wiser’s Distillery of Prescott Ontario and moved their operation to Corbyville as well. Hiram Walker- Gooderham and Worts purchased 51% equity of the Corby Distillery in 1935, which after numerous sales and acquisitions of the company, led to the closure of the Corby Distillery in 1989, bringing all production to the Hiram Walker facility in Windsor, Ontario. 

The property was left abandoned for almost 25 years, until Signal Brewing Company began restoring the historic buildings where you can now visit their craft brewery, restaurant and event venue.

signal brewery

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