theCHIME - The New Year Rings In Changes

The new year is bringing in some significant changes to the barrel market. With a lack of supply and an increase in demand, we are seeing higher prices for all types and sizes of barrels.

The supply and demand changes can be attributed to three main reasons:

1 - Distilleries are increasing production and laying more product down to age in barrels than ever before which diminishes the supply of barrels available on the market.

2 - A glass bottle shortage means distilleries haven't been able to empty the barrels they had planned on bottling meaningless empty barrels for sale.

3 - Due to reasons 1 and 2 large distilleries and barrel brokers have been buying up mass quantities of barrels creating a false lack of inventory.

Here at The County Cooperage we are trying to minimize the effects for our customers but with a higher cost of goods, shipping and labour we are adjusting to the new landscape of the industry.

We have started off 2022 in full swing, shipping out barrels and barrel planters to stores across Canada. It doesn't feel like it outside but now is the time we are preparing for spring! So remember to check out your local Canadian Tire or Home Hardware store when the weather warms up to find our products!

6.2 & 30 gallon freshly empty barrels are also back in stock. These barrels are great for the home brewer or large-scale operation looking for faster results provided by smaller format barrels.


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