Barrel Engraving

1. Engraving & Quality

Our engraving process utilizes laser technology. However, it's important to note that the appearance of engravings can vary between barrels due to differences in the oak wood surface. Even with identical laser settings, some engravings may appear darker or lighter than others.

2. Engraving Size

The available engraving area is determined by the barrel's size and the space required for the spigot. Engravings are typically done above the spigot to ensure they remain visible. Please be aware that the size of the engraving will be adjusted to fit the barrel, and on smaller barrels, intricate logos or lengthy phrases may be harder to discern.

3. File Types for Engraving

While we accept a variety of file types (PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF) for engraving, we recommend using vector graphics for the best results. Below, you can find examples of outstanding designs for reference.