What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Prince Edward County, we at The County Cooperage are not just a business but a testament to the art of barrel-making. With a rich heritage dating back to 2015, our family treasure has been crafting premium Canadian oak whisky barrels that stand as a symbol of passion, commitment, and unmatched quality.

The Art of Barrel Making
Barrel-making is an age-old art, a blend of tradition and meticulous craftsmanship. Our choice of wood, especially the premium Canadian oak, plays a pivotal role in the whisky aging process. Our oak barrels not only provide the desired structure but also influence the flavor profiles, adding depth and character to the spirits.

Our Product Range
We offer a diverse range of barrels, from bourbon, rye, and whisky to wine barrels, catering to the varied needs of distilleries and wineries. Whether it's our meticulously aged Heaven Hill bourbon barrels, renowned for their 8-10 years of perfection, or barrels filled by renowned distilleries like George Dickel and ZD Wines, each barrel stands as a testament to quality and tradition.

Beyond Whisky Barrels
Our expertise doesn't end with whisky barrels. We have a range of products, including wine barrels, spirit barrels, racks, BBQ smoking accessories, and home decor items. Each product, crafted with the same dedication and precision, ensures our customers receive nothing but the best.

Experience The County Cooperage
We are more than just a cooperage. We offer a unique experience, from the vibes of our exclusive beachfront near Sandbanks Provincial Park to private group tastings that let you discover the charm of Canada through barrel-aged delights. For those keen on understanding the craftsmanship behind our barrels, we provide group tours that offer a deep dive into the world of barrel-making.

With our rich legacy of tradition and commitment, we stand as a beacon for businesses seeking premium oak barrels. Whether you're a distillery, a winery, or someone looking to delve into the world of spirits, we promise quality, authenticity, and an unmatched experience. Explore our website, discover our range, and let the essence of Canadian whisky elevate your spirits.