theCHIME - November Edition - The County Cooperage

theCHIME - November Edition

theCHIME - November 2020 Edition

Sending the newsletter out on the last day of the month was not the plan! It's been a busy month here and we have lots to share.

Firstly, we are excited to announce our team is growing. Ethan joins us as the cooper's apprentice. With coopering a forgotten trade in Canada we feel very fortunate to train the next generation of barrel makers and revive the art.

Ethan will be a big help around the shop as things are already ramping up for spring, prepping full size whisky barrels and barrel planters to be shipped out to our national retail chains. Stay tuned for our big announcement on the new retailer carrying our products!

The final plug for the month is the launch of a new product, a 5LB bag of white oak whisky barrel smoker chunks. To help with your holiday shopping we are extending our Black Friday and Cyber Monday free shipping offer until the new year! It is the perfect gift for your family or friends that enjoy cooking, BBQing, or smoking food.

It's as easy as ordering from giant online retailers, but this year we’re asking you to support your local businesses so that your favourite places can continue to be there for you.

Head Stamp History



Introducing a new segment called Head Stamp History! We see thousands of barrels pass through our warehouse every year and some give glimpses into the history of past and present Canadian distilleries. These are their stories.

None more iconic than the head stamp of Gooderham and Worts who were pioneers of the distillery industry in Canada. From the 1830s to 1890s, the firm of Gooderham & Worts grew from a small windmill in the wilderness to the largest distillery in the British Empire and, for a time, in the world. As they rolled into the 20th century and World War I, the distillery was converted into a war industry, British Acetones, which produced a key ingredient for manufacturing smokeless gunpowder. After the war and with the continuation of alcohol prohibition, the family business was sold to Harry C. Hatch, who merged Gooderham & Worts with Hiram Walker in 1927, around the time that prohibition ended in Ontario. Hatch added the final two major buildings to the Toronto distillery in 1927 and profited mightily from American prohibition that continued until the end of 1933.

Joe Thomson from The County Cooperage and Spencer Gooderham of Gooderham & Worts

In 1957 whisky distilling ceased on site, leaving rum and industrial alcohol as the major products produced. By the mid-1990’s the grand old distillery was closed down forever. For many years the heritage buildings remained in doubt, until in 2001 Cityscaped purchased them and transformed the former Gooderham & Worts site into what is known today as the Toronto Distillery District. Luckily you can still try Gooderham and Worts whisky, as its label is still produced by Hiarm Walker in Windsor, Ontario.






To help with your holiday shopping we now have free shipping on Canadian Whisky Barrel Smoker Chunks during BFCM!

Our latest product launch, this 5LB bag of white oak whisky barrel smoker chunks is the perfect gift  for your family or friends that enjoy cooking, BBQing, or smoking food.

It's as easy as ordering from giant online retailers, but this year we’re asking you to support your local businesses so that your favourite places can continue to be there for you. 



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