Welcome to theCHIME - The County Cooperage's Monthly Newsletter - The County Cooperage

Welcome to theCHIME - The County Cooperage's Monthly Newsletter

First Monthly Newsletter!

We are excited to launch our first Monthly Newsletter to share new products and updates with you. This month we highlight 10g fresh empty barrels from Reservoir Distillery in Richmond Virginia, available in Rye, Wheat Whiskey or Bourbon. Check out the links to each below to see full tasting notes. As always we appreciate your support and welcome you to follow us on social to be apart of our journey to resurrect the traditional trade of coopering in Canada.  



Rye Whiskey

In the crowded world of "High Ryes" on the market, Reservoir Distillery offers the highest with a 100% rye mash bill.  Read more.



Wheat Whiskey

With a 100% wheat mash bill, Reservoir Distilleries Wheat Whiskey is the softest of their three expressions and unique to any other American style whiskey on the market. Read more.


Bourbon Whiskey

Reservoir Distillery Bourbon is a one of a kind, 100% corn mash bill. Read more.

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